Book of Space



Wonderful piece of art – “The Book of Space” by Johann Hybschmann.


“The inspiration came directly from the single shot film sequence in Sokurov’s Russian Ark, where the camera is taken through the timeless spaces of the Winter Palace, jumping decades from one room to another. The distortion of time is, of course, interesting in terms of the timelessness of the spaces – but I was interested in the way that the camera never looks back. Even though the viewer never sees the full dimensions of these spaces, we are still left with a sense of coherence and wholeness. But what if the back of the room was mindblowingly different? It’s as if we constantly use the previous space to create an understanding of what should be behind us.

The book is an attempt to spatially prolong that perceptual idea. Two different spaces from the film sequence have been cut into each half of the book, as constructed perspectives. When the pages spread, the silhouettes of the elements visually collide, and the space within the book changes in character as the user travels through it by flicking through the pages.”

“The book is made from layered silhouettes with inbuilt distorted perspectives that are laser-cut into the individual pages of a standard sketchbook. There is a drawing for each page, and these are all cut separately: turning the page, loading up a new drawing and cutting, page by page.”   Johann Hybschmann




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A Defensive Architecture

Winners of the President's Medals Student Awards 2009


Impressively beautiful thesis “A Defensive Architecture” by Nicholas Szczepaniak from the University of Westminster London UK . With his thesis he won the President’s Medals Student Awards in 2009.




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Incredible parasital structure made out of tape by the artists Numen/For Sale in the Odeon Theater in Vienna in spring 2010.

Also made in the Kunsthalle Schirn in Frankfurt, Berlin Tempelhof, in Belgrad at the Mikser Design Expo and in an old attic in Vienna. See that


Experiments / Tape Vienna / Odeon

Experiments / Tape Vienna / Odeon


Subway Manner

Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

Don't forget your umbrella (October 1981)


Brilliant subway manner posters from the Tokyo of the late 70´s.



Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

The Non-Thinker (May 1981)


Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

I'll stand up (July 1979)


Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

Clearly show your train pass (September 1978)


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Beautiful installation by Pablo Valbuena in 2010 in Madrid.


Quadratura was the technique used in the baroque to extended architecture through trompe l’oeil and perspective constructions generated with paint or sculpture.
The site-specific installation presented at Matadero Madrid follows the same principles but manipulating space by means of projected light. The main axis of the room of Abierto x Obras is extended and the limits of the physical space dissolved.



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Air Check


Shawn Patrick Landis

“Air Check” by the artist Shawn Patrick Landis, in 2003.


Shawn Patrick Landis


Shawn Patrick Landis


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Trouble in Paradise


A more realistic Zoo

Again animals, again Vienna…

Project from Steinbrener/Dempf in the Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna, in 2009.