Still simply stunningly beautiful.

The “microcoasts” from Guallart Architects.  Spain 2007






Goedendag Amsterdam


Coming to Amsterdam. Returning to Fascination. Hopefully.


About the picutre: realize the 4 buildings in the middle – they are buildt as if they were 2D. Wonderfully surreal citylandscape.

Sensous Tableware

Israeli Designer Ilan Sinai made this family of three sets of tableware that intends to make the eating process more active and include itself in the sensous experience of eating.

The set “senses” is all about the isolation of the senses.

The set “20-40-10 (%)” focusses on the degree of the diner´s activity with the tableware.

The third set “channels and drainages” encourages to mix flavoures and enforces combination.

Have a look on a video of Ilan Sinai to see how exactly this tableware works.