Air Check


Shawn Patrick Landis

“Air Check” by the artist Shawn Patrick Landis, in 2003.


Shawn Patrick Landis


Shawn Patrick Landis


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Trouble in Paradise


A more realistic Zoo

Again animals, again Vienna…

Project from Steinbrener/Dempf in the Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna, in 2009.





Goodbye Penguins

Pictures from the japanese artist Takeshi Kawanosetzt thinking about the consequences of global warming.



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Vienna, I miss you so much…


Photographs by Stefan Fürtbauer from the series “Eiterquelle”.


organic urban design




Wonderful pieces of fury, urban art by Pim Palsgraaf.

Maybe that´s what they mean when they talk about organic urban design…




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This is the “Sliding House” by rDMM Architectur. Completed in 2009 in Suffolk, UK.

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Christoph Niemann on his Abstract Sunday Blog.





Spotted on the lovely We looked like Giants.