The Red Swing Project started in February 2007 as an urban intervention within the city of Austin, Texas. Our swings are made of red painted wood and hung using retired rock climbing rope. Over the years, we have hung over 150 red swings in USA, India, Thailand, Brasil, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Spain, Portugal, Haiti and Poland.

The red swing remains the constant while the environmental backdrops and cultural contexts change from place to place.

We pay particular attention to public response to this familiar object set in an unfamiliar place.


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Subway Manner

Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

Don't forget your umbrella (October 1981)


Brilliant subway manner posters from the Tokyo of the late 70´s.



Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

The Non-Thinker (May 1981)


Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

I'll stand up (July 1979)


Vintage Japanese train manner poster --

Clearly show your train pass (September 1978)


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Spotted on the lovely Spaceinvading.




Air Check


Shawn Patrick Landis

“Air Check” by the artist Shawn Patrick Landis, in 2003.


Shawn Patrick Landis


Shawn Patrick Landis


Via wonderful Pruned







Still simply stunningly beautiful.

The “microcoasts” from Guallart Architects.  Spain 2007







Wonderful interventions by “Démocratie Créative” to turn our everyday urban space into a playground.




National Gallery of Greenland

The national gallery of Greenland by the danish bureau BIG architects.

A perfect circle melting on the shore of Greenland. A hybrid of shape and specific location.

Schematic diagrams:

Pictures via designboom.com