Incredible parasital structure made out of tape by the artists Numen/For Sale in the Odeon Theater in Vienna in spring 2010.

Also made in the Kunsthalle Schirn in Frankfurt, Berlin Tempelhof, in Belgrad at the Mikser Design Expo and in an old attic in Vienna. See that


Experiments / Tape Vienna / Odeon

Experiments / Tape Vienna / Odeon



Air Check


Shawn Patrick Landis

“Air Check” by the artist Shawn Patrick Landis, in 2003.


Shawn Patrick Landis


Shawn Patrick Landis


Via wonderful Pruned






Beautiful installations by Monika Grzymala, all made from coloured sticky tape.


Miles and miles of sticky tape by Monika Grzymala


Miles and miles of sticky tape by Monika Grzymala


Pictures via Dezeen.




Still simply stunningly beautiful.

The “microcoasts” from Guallart Architects.  Spain 2007





Goedendag Amsterdam


Coming to Amsterdam. Returning to Fascination. Hopefully.


About the picutre: realize the 4 buildings in the middle – they are buildt as if they were 2D. Wonderfully surreal citylandscape.

Ghost Island

Pictures of Hashima Island (meaning “Border Island”),

commonly called Gunkanjima (meaning “Battleship Island”) in Japan.

Pictures and Information via ArtificialOwl



Aerial photos of the flood in Brisbane in January, showing floating pallets.

See more on ABC News.