Paper Animals

Paper sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield.



Watch the beautiful video by Danae Diaz for the track “Caffein” by Brandt Brauer Frick.

Reminds me of “Die Grauen Männer” in Momo, by the great author Michael Ende.

Banknote Jewellery












Jewellery made by Tine de Ruysser, telling a story about the symbolism and relationship between the value of paper, money and gold.














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Writing as a Physical Act


Beautiful video of the calligraphy work of Frank Ortmann doing a cover for Max Gold, spotted on Public School.

This video is actually the first time I got in contact with calligraphic work – I like it a lot because for me it shows the whole process of writing as a completely physical act – it is all about exact pressure, speed and direction in the right moment…

Rubbish Kaleidoscope

The Rubbish Kaleidoscope from Anne Lorenz.

Studie for a trash bin made of polished steel.