The AWARE Project

These are some designs by the industrial designer Karin Ehrnberger and interaction designer Loove Broms of the Interactive Institute in Sweden. They made a series of household objects highlighting energy consumption in daily activities.

“AWARE is a design oriented research project that aims to increase people’s awareness of how energy is being used in everyday life, especially in our home environment. The objectives are to develop strategies and artefacts that make people attentive of their energy use, as well as offer them control and possibilities of making their energy use more efficient. ” Interactive Institute

While I´m not so sure if those objects can seriously contribute to rise the awareness of a wide range of consumers (not only those who are able to buy fancy designer stuff) I still really like how they make our day-to-day objects and behaviour a part of the appearance and function.


The Aware Handle i.e. is a radiator handle with teeth in the surface, designed for a more comfortable use when decreasing temperature compared to the feeling of increasing temperature.


The Share Aware Lights work as a “community”: as one light is made brighter the other lights in the series dim to compensate.

(Pictures via Dezeen)


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